Weight Loss Surgery & Procedures

Having originally trained with world experts, I have over 13 years experience in weight loss surgery.

I set up the Bristol NHS weight loss surgery service with a colleague in 2003 – we have treated over 1000 patients since.

I am professionally guided by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence criteria for eligibility for weight loss surgery but am happy to talk to anyone who is struggling with their weight in order to find a manageable solution.

If surgery is not the best treatment for you, I can also offer information and advice on:

If you have less weight to lose (BMI 27 or above) or are not sure that you want formal surgery then a gastric balloon may be a good option to get you back on track.

A 12 week, on-line, non-diet weight-loss programme I have developed with a supporting website for those disillusioned by years of failed, yo-yo dieting who are looking for a long-term solution to weight management. See vavista.com for further information.


I perform the following laparoscopic (keyhole) weight-loss surgery operations and procedures:-

I am also happy to provide advice for patients who have had surgery and / or complications elsewhere – or who are re-gaining weight and just don’t know why or what to do next.

Also available to provide further information are my apps for i-Phone to help support and guide you before and after weight-loss surgery or gastric balloon.

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Other Laparoscopic Surgery

I started my surgical training when laparoscopic surgery was first introduced and immediately recognised the benefits to patients in terms of reduced pain, fewer complications and better cosmesis. I undertook a year-long laparoscopic fellowship at a leading laparoscopic centre in Brisbane, Australia to complete my training before attaining consultant status.

I perform the vast majority of my operations using the keyhole technique ensuring improved comfort after surgery with many patients able to go home on the day of surgery.

I perform the following general surgical operations-

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Whilst many patients are anxious about endoscopic procedures, they can be reassured as over 20 years of expertise means that I am often able to perform the procedure in under 5 minutes with minimal, if any, discomfort. Light sedation is available if required although it is rarely needed, meaning patients are safe to leave soon after the procedure and continue with their normal activities.

I run the regional endoscopic ultrasound service, providing imaging and management of complex upper and lower gastrointestinal, thoracic, pancreatic and biliary disease.

I perform the following endoscopic procedures:-

If you would like to discuss any of these operations further – or even if you are unsure whether you need surgery at all, please contact my secretary, Lyn Channing, on 0117 317 1792 who will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

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